Friday, August 15, 2008

UKC, here we come!!

See how sad Summer looks? That's because we were just rejected by the AKC for her PAL... Boo. OK OK I know full well that's she's only a Bel Mal mix, but well, worth a shot right?

Of course they made off like bandits with my $35 registration fee too. Boo.

Oh well. So we just sent off for our UKC registration as a Mixed Breed Dog. Yay Mutts!

Here are Summer and my friend Jen's purebreed Belgian Malinois Mika: in a sit/stay that they held for 3 mins. Our trainer is sitting to the left of me making funny whooping noises to tempt them into breaking the stay. Silly Tyril. Doesn't he know our dogs kick ass?


GeeRome said...

Sorry to hear about the AKC rejection. But I know you two will OWN UKC! Rock it, grrrrl friend!

Sorry ... couldn't resist. LOL

Angela said...

I wish the AKC would accept all dogs...mixed and obedience, agility, etc. Roman has his PAL/ILP but I registered Tikka with the Mixed Breed Dog Club of America.

Have you done the DNA test ( on Summer? I did it on Tikka, who turned out to be mixed with shih tzu, yorkie and Bernese Mt. Dog!

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, we never sent our AKC in... it seems like the mafia to us, BOL! Have no fear pal, we don't need the AKC to be cool ;o)

We LOVE your banner!!!! It's awesome...

M, I, & K