Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fighting with a Leopard

Technology is my friend, but only sometimes. This week, it's decided to turn on me. 

My trusty little iMac circa 2005 decided that it JUST COULDN'T. No way. I had installed some updates (WHY JACINTA?? WHY???) and when I was restarting, it started beachballing. And beachballing. And beachballing. 

I took a shower, and re-emerged fresh. And my mac was still beachballing. 


So I decided to reinstall OSX Leopard in it since we have it at work. RAWWRRR! Leopard! Woot!

But somehow Quicktime in Leopard doesn't like .avi files. I checked everything and everyone says, Oh Quicktime LOVES .avi files!! .avi files are Quicktime's friends!!

Then why in hell doesn't my mac playback .avi files in quicktime??? I can't watch any of the videos I recorded with my tiny Casio EX-S600 camera (also circa 2005). Stupid stupid technology.

Or is it stupid stupid Jacinta? Can anyone help? Maybe I should just reinstall OSX Panther on my poor little geriatic iMac... I prefer panthers anyway to leopards. Sleeker. Sexier. 

So anyway, even though I shot some video of my friend Amanda and her cutie-patooty terrier mix Henry doing some pushing exercises to show a friend how to work pushing with small dogs, I can't post it. Gah. 

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