Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's too hot to train!!! (Part Two)

This morning in Brooklyn, when I woke up and turned on NY1, it was already 80 degrees. This was at 7.30. I always have a training session with Tyril on Sat mornings, and felt today shouldn't be any different.

Well, I was wrong. Something in the heat and humidity made Summer sluggish and Heeling exercises were too stressful on her. We tried one Heeling pattern, and Tyril said, "OK training is cancelled for today." And no wonder. If she wasn't into it, we just shouldn't make it unenjoyable. I mean, she WAS heeling and she WAS making the about turns, but she was also making them in the most pedestrian fashion, panting the whole way. Her drive was like a balloon from last months party.

So we sat and talked and I tossed a ball around for Summer. She played fetch with some enthusiasm for about 15 mins, and then decided it would be better to lay on the grass and chew on her Bad Cuz.

I can't wait for this heatwave to break. I really need to work on her Off Lead Heel... We did do a couple of long recalls and a couple of Down During Recall, and she performed those with real pizazz.

Which makes me think that Heeling really truly is her, ahem, Achilles Heel.

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